Job Seeking over Christmas

A couple of notes about your Christmas job hunt.

-Don’t send CVs out over the Christmas period. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure your CV gets lost in an inbox. A much better tactic is to use the Christmas vacation as a research break, and find the names and contact people of who you want to approach. LinkedIn LinkedIn LinkedIn! Do not send your CV between 19th Dec and the 3rd January.

-Try to keep in good shape over the Christmas break. It’s tough and will be a challenge, but don’t over-indulge (too much) over Christmas. There’s nothing worse than starting the New Year with too little energy and feeling run down. This will affect all areas of your life.

-A final note – keep things simple. A recent CV arrived in the inbox which contained a mini-interview at the end. Although you have to admire the effort and originality, it doesn’t work. Focus rather on the content on your CV. Tailor it to the specific position, incorporate key words mentioned in the Job Spec. It’s a laboured point but it works.


-Brian (bhc at lifescience dot ie)

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