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While reading a recent issue of New Scientist which got delivered to us (thanks New Scientist!) yesterday, I fell upon an add which brought me back to my college days. They weren’t that long ago….

Having graduated from Medicinal Chemistry, I only knew 1 thing, I didn’t want to work in a lab. I was uninterested in the daily lab work during my research project in Madrid, and wanted to try something different. So if it wasn’t a PhD and it wasn’t a job in an industrial lab, what was it?

Then I came across these guys. As I’m originally from Denmark just across the water from Goteborg, Technology peaked my interest. And what’s more all of the Master’s programmes offered in Sweden are funded 100% by the Swedish government.

I was interviewed by the them but in the end I chose to stay in Ireland (to the benefit of the recruitment industry!), but it’s an excellent option for someone on a budget who is looking to further their education. You will automatically distinguish yourself from the crowd with a Master’s degree from a different country. Many companies will view the experience gained in a foreign country as producing more rounded individuals who can better deal with a large variety of people and situations. There are some great options to choose from, very modern and current topics can be studied in depth. I am aware of one of the very senior candidates we are currently dealing with who has a qualification similar to this, and he has achieved a lot for his age – so if you are struggling to find work and keen to experience new horizons, Sweden is certainly worth a second thought.

-Brian (bhc at lifescience dot ie)

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