Awesome-Looking Chemical Reactions (.gifs)

The science Gifs I have been digging out and explaining have been proving extremely popular (way more so than my opinions/industry news 😀 )so here’s 5 more awesome-looking chemical reactions for your viewing pleasure!

Aluminum + Bromine

This highly exothermic reaction between aluminium foil and bromine produces a spectacular display of flames and sparks producing the highly volatile and toxic aluminium bromide – not to mention a lot of heat.

Sodium Polyacrylate mixed with water

Sodium polyacrylate has the ability to absorb 200-300 times its mass in water. For this reason it has multiple commercial applications, the most notable of which being kids nappies.

Cesium in Water

Caesium is one of the most reactive elements and is highly explosive when it comes into contact with water, as the above animation shows.

Mercury (ii) Thiocyanate looks like some kind of infernal demon when heated.

Not quite a chemical reaction but too cool to not include. Whats happening here is called induction heating – a rapidly changing magnetic field keeps the piece levitated and heats it up. It actually gets so hot that it melts and falls in a pool below!!!

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