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Managing your web footprint

Now the following is mostly applicable to jobseekers, but most if not all of us will be jobseekers in the future, this applies to us all. With people spending more and more time on the internet, footprints are left. Most of these are deliberate, what’s important is that your footprint represents who you are, or at least for the purpose of the interview, who you want to be portrayed as!

LinkedIn: can be a hugely powerful tool, I have heard of numerous people who have secured roles wither directly or indorectly here. So fill it in like your CV, with almost the same amount of detail and using the same degree of care here. Use the settings to subtley suggest that you might be on the look out for a role (if you are). You can do this by saying you’re interested in “Career Opportunities” and “Job Inquiries”.

Faceoook: OK we know we all like to view drunken pictures of our friends, but if you are on the job hunt, your safest bet is to assume any potential employers will be looking here. Because more and more are! To do this you hjave 2 options: Lock your account to your friends only or make sure any pics tagged of you are “PG”! That’s it. As Facebook is becoming more and more searchable, instances of people being refused roles due to the impression they give on Facebook will only rise, guaranteed. Don’t let this happen to you.

Bebo: Many people in the 25-35 bracket seem to be straying away from Bebo, I would recommend that same.

Blogs / Twitter: These can be extremely useful tools to enhance your CV. If you are an expert on a subject, or merely have an interest and you have the time / inclinati0on to write about it, then do. Then reference the blog in your CV, and if potential employers see that you’re a knoewledgable and professional person, this can only enhance your application and distinguish you from your peers. The same applies to Twitter, keep things consistent, interesting and relevant.

Google: Google yourself and make sure any hits related to you are the ones you would like other to see.

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Note: this post was brought about by one posted by our friend Ivan, here.