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It’s YOUR job, Go get it!

While talking with a friend who is also a recruitment consultant and some others who are on the lookout last night, an interesting point was raised about job hunting in the current market. Many recruiters and companies have a developed a reputation for not getting back to you, never calling you about jobs etc.

We have all at some stage in our life looked for work, and dealing with people every day who are looking is something we are acutely aware of, so I certainly understand why people are so keen to hear back, however it would be impossible for us to get back individually to every applicant – so what now?

Breaking news – it’s YOUR job!

Recruiters want to help you, if you are suitable for a role, make sure we know about it. In the unlikely event we are searching for a role and we don’t come across your details in a search, by you being proactive and us knowing your name in our “internal system”, we will inevitably get in touch when a suitable role comes in.

Recruiters also love to see candidates who are passionate. If a recruiter has promised to get back to you by a certain day and doesn’t, give THEM a call. At the end of the day, this is a chance for you to develop a relationship with a recruiter and remember, we are actually people too.

Passion and drive for a role makes it easier for a recruiter to sell you to the company. If the recruiter can see you have researched a company, if you are knowledgeable on their products / service etc, they are likely to go above and beyond the call of duty on order to get you an interview.

The little things make a big difference in a market like this, it’s worth bearing these points in mind.

-Richard (richard dot hayes at lifescience dot ie)
-Brian (bhc at lifescience dot ie)