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Making your CV stand out

There are a number of tools which can make your CV stand out in an ever-crowded job seeker marketplace:

QR Codes
A QR (quick response) code is a 2d barcode which can be read by smartphones (e.g with Neoreader App) that automatically brigs the user to an intended site. It can be easier than manually inputting urls into Safari on an iPhone, for example. The link should be to at least a Linkedin page, or an page to make it more interesting. Something which summarises your experience and gives some off-CV information, showing that you are more than just 2 pages of paper.

Here is a handy link for generating a QR code.

Hmmm, we’re not so sure on this one. For commercial or sales roles they can be useful. We don’t want to be drawn into a discussion on “does attractiveness help you get an interview” here, so we’ll leave this up to the users discretion. They seem to be more the norm in the States, but we are seeing them more and more on Irish CVs.
If you are using a pic on your, make it very professional (and recent).

Graphic Heavy CVs
Some design-savvy individuals like to produce CVs which draw heavy on graphics and designs. Some summerise experience like a graphic timeline, some generate skills idea-bubbles or anything in-between. Generally these are a No, unless the hiring managers responsible for the role for would appreciate it. Examples of this include website desgn, programming and IT engineering.

Looking forward to your comments or if there are any other CV tidbits you’d like us to give our thoughts on, let us know

– Brian