Career Advice from Industry Experts

I’ve tweeted and posted this on Facebook already (as well as blogged about it before), but I think it’s worthy of a lot more than that.

All Life Science jobseekers should check out this video: HERE.

Biopharma – Q & A from TCD Alumni on Vimeo.

It’s 4 Irish industry leaders: Owen Treacy (GM, Novo Nordisk Ireland), David Lloyd (Dean of Research, TCD), Joe Keenan (Director Sales & Marketing, Argutus Medical) and Michael Gillen (Bioindustry Ireland). There are various tips contained within about how to distinguish yourself from your peers, how to sell yourself to people like them in industry, and how to get that first step on the ladder.

We get a lot of call from graduates and people with <1 years experience who are seeking to advance in industry. Although there aren’t as many opportunities as 2 years ago, following the advice provided here will set you well on your way. The concept of working for free is mentioned. Although I would agree with Doug Richard that working for free is not a great idea (it can create the wrong dynamic), certainly being flexible in your approach is the way to go to get that first notch on your CV.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on the above.

-Brian (bhc at lifescience dot ie)