Tips to Help You Sleep Easy While Job Seeking

One of the most exacting and tiring things any one of us ever has to do is “Job Hunting” which is somewhat ironic considering how many sleepless nights can be caused by job seeking.

Being out of work, in a job you are unhappy with or simply looking for a new career can all take its toll on someone’s health and often, the first casualty is sleep. Job hunting can mean really long days of job searching, networking, interviewing, reading, and preparing. It’s easy to become worn down by frustration and stress and slip into a cycle of sleepless nights, even insomnia, lack of motivation, diminished interview skills and a negative outlook, all of which will manifest itself in job search performance and make it even harder to gain employment.

Staying mentally healthy during your “Job Search” is vital to your success and sleep is vital to good health.

If you are finding it hard to settle at night, here are a few tips that might just help and we will be expanding on these topics in articles over the coming weeks.

Tips to help with sleep:

  • Regular exercise can be a great help, even if it is just a brisk walk in the evening.
  • Eat a healthy diet and avoid caffeine or alcohol close to bed time.
  • Make a schedule. The better you are about getting to bed and rising each morning at the same time, the more your body will work with you instead of against you as you try to a good night’s sleep.
  • Find someone to talk with – Rather than keeping your thoughts and fears in your head, your spouse, partner or good friend might be able to lighten your load. It is also important to share your hopes and ideas, as talking will relieve the pressure enough to possibly let you sleep.
  • Unwind The key here is to relax at least an hour before you plan to hit the hay. Soft music, dim lights, a relaxing book or a warm soothing bath can all help in preparing you for a good night’s sleep. Turn off the television, laptop and all other tech devices, and halt work altogether. You have done enough for the day – you can resume your job search tomorrow.
  • Warm Cup of Milk or my own personal favourite “Ojas Rasayana” (Recipe Below)
  • Memory core dump – Keep a small note pad beside your bed and if you wake up during the night with something worrying you or racing around in your head then write it down in no more than one or two sentences and agree to deal with it tomorrow.
  • Consult your doctor – If you are having problems sleeping, it is a good idea to see your local doctor. They will understand and can give you the reassurance of a check-up.

Recipe: “Ojas Rasayana”.Deep Sleep Smoothie

This is one of my own personal favourites night-time drinks and I have found it to help when I have suffered restless night.

The ingredients are readily available from health stores – It’s a natural recipe from Ayurvedic tradition and makes for a very tasty drink before bed. Try taking it an hour before bed for a night of sweet dreams and deep slumber.

Ojas is the Ayurveda word for deep nourishment, our underlying reserves of energy. Ojas gives patience, contentment, longevity,  stamina, endurance, strength, stability. In the Autumn, when Vata dominates, Ojas is available to us through seasonal foods like root vegetables, grains, ghee, nuts and seeds, dates, raisins and sweet Autumn fruits.

Rasayana is a grand word used in many contexts, including an entire branch of Ayurveda. Generally it means rejuvenative, and more modernly, anti-aging, stress-reducing. “Rasayana is the designation given to special herbs, fruits and spices, or combinations of them, that are particularly renowned for the positive influence they have on overall health, vitality and longevity.”

Recipe courtesy of: Food A Love Story

Disclaimer:  Please note that this post is for information purposes only. I am not a medical doctor, physician or sleep researcher. This information at no point should be used in place of seeking official advice from a qualified medical doctor. The recipe offered here merely reflects the author’s personal experience and is not offered as expert opinion – if you have any doubt about any of the ingredients please consult your GP beforehand.