My Top 4 YouTube Science Channels

Here’s a simple rundown (in no particular order) of 4 of my favourite YouTube science channels. The first is from Brady Haran who runs Sixty Symbols which is basically a series of interviews with some professors at Nottingham University. For the most part, each video focuses on one just one scientific symbol at a time – great for the easily confused for people like myself. The one below, however, is an insight into how 3D glasses work.

Vsauce is a tribute to all things science, technology and gaming. Presented by the charismatic and ridiculously smart guy that is Michael Stevens, Vsauce is a great mix of hard science  and left of centre humour.

I only discovered veritasium very recently when I stumbled upon the video below which focuses on one of the coolest experiments of ‘high school’ science – Young’s double slit experiment. Creator Derek Muller has a lot more going on on his channel though – I particularly love his propensity to dispel some commonly held misconceptions which the public may hold about the science world.

Numberphile is similar in many ways to sixty symbols in that it is both a celebration of unabashed geekdom and has a theme – in the case of numberphile the theme is of course numbers. I love the below video for focusing on one of physics true heavyweights, Richard Feynman, and that activity that peaks the attention of inner children and stealth game enthusiasts everywhere -safe cracking.

If you have any comments or recommendations for other (better?) science channels let me know!

About the author: Conor Hughes works as a Marketing Executive at Life Science Recruitment

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