Who’s Better at Maths, Boys or Girls? (Infographic)

“Math class is tough” exclaimed a talking Barbie from the early nineties. Hard to believe that this kind of negative stereotyping could escape into the public sphere as recently as 21 years ago, but how far have we progressed from this? There still exists a gap between the sexes when it comes to pursuing maths both professionally and academically. Is this because boys are brainier (Its not) or is it a product of negative stereotyping courtesy of Mattel et al and, you know, thousands of years of patriarchy? This infographic by  OnlineColleges published on Visual.ly is as promising for the future jobs market as it is heartening for advocates of gender equality. As ever with issues regarding gender, the change required is cultural – the raw talent is already there.

About the author: Conor Hughes works as a Marketing Executive at Life Science Recruitment

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