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More science in motion

Its a Friday and I’m feeling lazy so all I’ll say is feast your eyes on the wonderful display of science below.

Have Scientists Finally Discovered the Root of Depression?

Scientists at Heptares Therapeutics claim to have discovered the cause of depression. Using one of the world’s most powerful X-ray machines, they identified that protein receptor, CRF-1 is responsible for releasing hormones associated with anxiety and depression.

A Couple of Quotes from the World of Engineering

I’ve found myself with quite the compendium of humorous and insightful quotes from the world of engineering. Be they ones I’ve found on clients web pages or on candidate’s social media profiles, there seems to be a wealth of dry wit,  intelligence and downright cockiness out there! I figured, why not share some of my favourites? So I’ve compiled ten of the better ones below. Enjoy.

Cream Cheese Diet Gives Mute Girl (3) The Ability To Speak.

Fields Taylor, a three-year-old girl from Leicestershire, England was born without the ability to speak but can now do so thanks to a diet of cream cheese. She was born with an incurable genetic disease known as Glut-1 Deficiency which causes a lack of glucose to flow to her brain.

Scientists Discover First New Antibiotic in 20 Years.

A compound found in a marine based microbe has been demonstrated to kill both Anthrax and MRSA, according to scientists at university of California, San Diego. This is the first new antibiotic compound to be discovered in almost 20 years and comes at a time when fears over dwindling antibiotic efficacy is at an all time high. Scientists collected the marine microbe named Streptomyces sp in silty deposits off the coast of California.

How stuff works #1

‘How it Works’ really is one of the great TV shows of our time. There is something mesmerizing about those repetitive processes and how they come together to produce the finished product. So many processes in our day to day life are black boxed -hidden from view – and we just take them for granted. We all know how a simple bolt system locks a door but how does our front door lock and unlock. Have a look.

Success for One of the World’s Longest-Running Experiments at Trinity College Dublin.

Almost 70 years after the experiment was set up by a colleague of Ernest Walton, William Goodbody, an experiment at TCD has finally produced some definitive results. The aim of the experiment was to prove whether pitch is a viscous or flowing material.

What fruit and veg looks like through an MRI scanner.

I can’t say I had ever wondered what broccoli would look like when viewed through an MRI scanner but I must say the results are pretty flipping cool. MRIs allow medical professional to view our anatomy from the inside out in 3D. Its an expensive procedure though so I’m wondering if the artist who created the gifs below has more money than sense or have doctors been over charging us all this time?

Tissue engineering a heart is easy!

First, you need a donor heart. This can come from humans but scientists currently agree that in fact pigs may be more suitable donors! They carry all of the necessary components of the extracellular matrix without being prone to human disease.

Awesome-Looking Chemical Reactions (.gifs)

The science Gifs I have been digging out and explaining have been proving extremely popular (way more so than my opinions/industry news đŸ˜€ )so here’s 5 more awesome-looking chemical reactions for your viewing pleasure!