A Capella Science – Bohemian Gravity!

This is truly incredible. A student from McGill has used Queens classic to explain string theory. And this is no normal cover version, Tim Blais (youtube channel acapellascience) does this rendition completely a Capella, while explaining one of the most complex theories in science, WHILE remaining rhythmically, melodically and OVERWHELMINGLY faithful to Queens original masterpiece. I’m delighted this is getting the attention it deserves – well over a million views in about 2 weeks. To add to this bizarre and brilliant ensemble is an Einstein sock puppet who sings the guitar solo-y bit chipmunk style and more costume changes than the average Madonna tour.

It’s well worth checking out this guys youtube page. I’m guessing his cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep should go down well too.

About the author: Conor Hughes is Marketing Executive at Life Science Recruitment

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