Life Science in Motion #3

Some science-y gifs to take your mind off that stuff you really should be doing.

Drops levitated by sound waves.

Acoustic levitation is achieved by exerting pressure on a body using sound waves. If the wave is of the correct frequency, its enough force to counteract gravity and the body hovers in space. this technology has the potential to transport hazardous materials safely or to simulate microgravity experiments at a much lower cost than taking the trip into orbit.

Homopolar Motor

This cool little device is called a homopolar Motor. The name homopolar means that the polarity of the conductor and the magnetic fields dont change. The homopolar motor was the first kind of electrical motor, first demonstrated my Michael Faraday in 1821.

This guy is getting his teeth cleaned by two cleaner wrasses.

This guy is getting his teeth cleaned by two cleaner wrasses.


Traffic light cocktail

OK this isn’t science its actually magic. Which apparently is what occurs when you put some grenadine in a mixing tin, add a layer of crushed ice, add 30mls of pineapple juice, using a spoon to cushion the flow, more ice, 30mls of malibu, blue curacao and quickly pour into 9 shot glasses! Yum.

Shuttle tiles

These tiles, used to prevent the space shuttle from burning up during re-entry, were in the furnace at 2200 degrees for over an hour. So that explains why they’re white hot. The reason they can be held with bare hands is down to their ridiculous insulating abilities. The material, known as Li-900 is 94% air by volume and 99.9% silica glass by composition. That makes it  a really bad thermal conductor but a really good means of keeping astronauts alive.

About the author: Conor Hughes works as a Marketing Executive at Life Science Recruitment

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