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These grad level opportunities should really interest you.

banner-1From time to time we come across a few opportunities at a grad level that we’re not necessarily working on ourselves, but we still feel are exiting enough to tell you about. Why are we doing this? Because we’re nice people, that’s why.

GlaxoSmithKline States its Commitment to Clinical Trial Transparency

A couple of months back I wrote an article about Ben Goldacre and his website AllTrials, an online movement dedicated to the registration of all clinical trials and the public availability of all trial results. This week, British pharma giant, GSK (esteemed purveyors of legendary beverages, Lucozade and Ribena) has furthered its commitment to clinical trial transparency since signing up to the AllTrials campaign in February 2013, committing to make its clinical study reports (CSRs) publicly available through its clinical trials register after approval, termination and publication.

Irish Immunology Specialists, Opsona Therapeautics, Receive 33m Investment.

A Trinity College Dublin spin-out, Opsona Therapeutics, has received a 33m fund to aid the developemnt of one of its drugs. The drug, OPN-305, which protects the body from rejection of donor kidneys is set to undergo a Phase II clinical trial in the following months where its tolerability, efficacy and safety will be tested.

Has the First Malaria Vaccine Been Discovered?

A fun way to divide a group of trivia enthusiasts is to ask them what the most dangerous animal in the world is. Those who received their formative educations courtesy of childhood favourites such as Jaws or Arachnophobia will probably throw the accolade  to the Great White Shark or some breed of eight-legged creepy-crawly. It’s easy to spot the Discovery Channel fans of the group because they will offer up the slightly-less pedestrian Hippopotamus as their answer. Despite their mostly herbivorous diet and jolly, smiling features, Hippos are extremely aggressive and do indeed claim up to 3000 lives per year – more than any other large animal.