The Week in Life Science #2

AIDS vaccines, crowd-sourced cloud-computed astronomy, sea monsters, and butthurt men are just some of the stars of this weeks Week in Science.

INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL SALES COURSE on Saturday 14th September 2013.

A specialist training day for any Science graduates, Nurses, Graduates of other disciplines with sales experience who are contemplating a career in Medical Sales is taking place on Saturday the 14th of September.

This Week I Learned #2

More stuff I’ve learned this week. Further reading/sources are provided.

This Week in Life Science – August 28th 2013

I’ve spent the last week compiling what I think are some of the most compelling breakthroughs in the science world. I had a fair bit of fun doing it, so I’ll probably make this a weekly thing. Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Google+/Facebook. Sources are cited beneath each segment. Links to published results can be found in each source I have cited.

This Week I Learned #1

We deal with a great variety of scientific disciplines on a daily basis here at Life Science, so I think a more multifaceted approach is required with this blog than just random bites of ‘news’… and who doesn’t love a good litany of weird and wonderful facts? I’ve always had a thing for factoids, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the like, and I’m always writing down those that I stumble across. I figure, why not make a thing out of it? OK, they may not always be ‘mind-blowers’ per se and some of you may already know some of them -congratulations if that is the case. But I guarantee they will all have you AT LEAST stroking your chin and nodding at the screen with that ‘not bad’ look on your face – if not at the wonderfulness then more than likely at the weirdness. And yes, I’ll be providing the sources for all you skeptics (whom I welcome with open arms.)

Nature in Motion

The last few gif series I’ve curated have all been fairly tech-centric so I decided to mellow it a little with some of my favourite shots from the natural world. If the feedback from this is good you can expect more of the same in the near future. 🙂

Mythbusters: Breaking Bad Special

It appears that a lot of people’s dreams have come true in what can only be described a nerdish perfect storm. Two of the best shows on TV have collaborated: The fictional one where the chemistry teacher gets cancer, becomes a drug cook to pay for his treatment; killing a lot of people in the process, and the factual one where these guys blow uop a lot of stuff and then play in back in slow motion. I’m talking about Breaking Bad and Mythbusters.

Dutch Virologists to Create Deadly New Flu Strain

Researchers recently announced that they plan to create a new version of a deadly flu virus. They intend to create a strain of the emerging bird flu which might be more infectious to humans. Such an endeavor may herald some important scientific benefits, but the potential harm is certainly worth considering, as are the ethical implications.

Science in Motion #2

Been snowed under with work lately, but I’ve penciled in enough time to compile another compilation of science-centric gifs to amaze and confound your poor incredulous eyeballs. Hopefully there’s something here you haven’t seen before that you find amazing or interesting. New stuff is fun.

External Manufacturing – The Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Over the past number of years there has been an undeniable change within the pharmaceutical sector due to the much debated and discussed “patent cliff”.  For some big Pharma brands, the lack of a significant R&D pipeline has been compounded by a lack of a lean manufacturing mind-set, which has resulted in expensive and uncompetitive manufacturing costs. But now it seems that the tide is turning.