Daily Archives: August 22, 2013

This Week I Learned #1

We deal with a great variety of scientific disciplines on a daily basis here at Life Science, so I think a more multifaceted approach is required with this blog than just random bites of ‘news’… and who doesn’t love a good litany of weird and wonderful facts? I’ve always had a thing for factoids, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the like, and I’m always writing down those that I stumble across. I figure, why not make a thing out of it? OK, they may not always be ‘mind-blowers’ per se and some of you may already know some of them -congratulations if that is the case. But I guarantee they will all have you AT LEAST stroking your chin and nodding at the screen with that ‘not bad’ look on your face – if not at the wonderfulness then more than likely at the weirdness. And yes, I’ll be providing the sources for all you skeptics (whom I welcome with open arms.)